State-of-the-art portfolio allocation

Our API employs a sophisticated multi-layered deep learning model incorporating dense and RNN layers, along with reinforcement learning. With historical performance data, we demonstrate how our algorithm outperforms various indexes in optimizing your portfolio's value over time.

Our advanced deep learning model integrates multiple layers, allowing it to process complex sequential data with ease. This means that the model can learn from historical market trends and other time-dependent factors, making it an ideal choice for portfolio allocation optimization over extended periods.

In addition, our proprietary reinforcement learning process ensures that the AI assistant continually updates its strategy based on new information and performance feedback. By combining deep learning models with reinforcement learning techniques, our Portfolio Optimizer API give you optimal investment decisions autonomously, maximizing your portfolio's value over time.

About us

With a long-standing presence in the AI field, Fpb-Indicators combines extensive research and cutting-edge papers to create top-tier algorithms.
Our focus on portfolio optimization leads to the development of our advanced Portfolio Optimizer API.


Analyze market

In the analysis phase, our Portfolio Optimizer collects relevant data from various sources including financial markets, historical trends, and economic indicators. This information is then preprocessed to extract meaningful features that can be used to select a good basket of assets. By combining multiple data streams, our AI assistant gains a holistic understanding of the market environment, which sets the stage for optimal portfolio allocation decisions.


Training model

During the training phase, our Portfolio Optimizer API employs reinforcement learning techniques in conjunction with multi-layered deep learning models to learn from historical data and past experiences. Our sophisticated model architecture, incorporating dense and RNN layers, can process complex sequential data. We also use hyperparameter tuning to reach the best portfolio performance.



In the inference phase, our Portfolio Optimizer API draws upon the insights and expertise gained during the training phase to inform investment decisions and the portfolio ideal weights. By analysing your current portfolio weights and latest prices, the pretrained AI model is able to provide recommendations for optimal portfolio allocation. You just has to make a single API call and voilĂ  !

Our Services

Our current service offering comprises two main areas: pretrained models that are ready for immediate use, and the creation of bespoke models to meet your specific requirements.

Pretrained Models API

Integrate pretrained AI models seamlessly for instant, accurate inference.

Tailored Model Creation

Empower your organization with a bespoke AI solution tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Continuous training

Due to market conditions, we must train our model constantly to guarantee optimal performance.

Our Pretrained Models

Discover the list of pretrained models available right now.


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